The Stratus platform, tools and data are ready to give you the insights you need to perform at your best

One vision. One system.

Stratus brings multiple in-depth analysis tools, data and analysis expertise together into one system. This allows you to spend less time worrying about working with data, and more time planning your strategy.

Packed with powerful features.

The comprehensive set of features within the Stratus platform work together to help you gain insight into your data, enabling you to make the right call.

Stratus Data

Gain Access to thousands of fully coded matches covering local and international competitions.

Match Coding

Use the carefully crafted Stratus Events and Coding Panels, or customise your own to extract what need from matches.

Stratus Reporting

Dive deep into complex reports covering years of data instantly by leveraging the Stratus Metric Engine.

Stratus Cloud

Seamless integration with the Stratus Cloud will allow you to pick up where you left off wherever you go, and share video and reports with the click of a button..

Live Video Recording and Streaming

Record and flag live video using Stratus Recorder, and stream or download from the Stratus Cloud.
The Stratus Cloud hosts video around the globe to provide a fast, low latency streaming experience.

Referee Assessments

Enabling referees to engage and rate each other using streaming video and online match coding, Stratus Referee gives referees the tools to maintain their high standards.

Access anywhere, anytime.


Manage your data pipeline.

Leverage the Stratus Event Codes, Data and Reports, or extend them by building your own. Customise your own Event Codes, Coding Panels, and even Reports using the comprehensive Stratus Reporting Engine. Reports update in real-time and all data points are clickable, generating a playlist of the relevant video clips so that you can verify results and build playlists.

Some of the teams that use Stratus.

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