Unified Team Sports Platform

An ecosystem for team sports focusing on delivering performance through data, analytics, collaboration and video services.

Access world class data that understands team sports, analyse every in-game interaction and share key insights with your team.
Manage multiple teams, unify data access to departments, analyse large video and match data repositories, and access customized workflows and solutions specific to your Team Sports organisation.
Provide multi-angle in-stadium recording to TMOs, Medics and Teams. Deliver high quality second screen experiences to viewers. Integrate world class data feeds into broadcasts, and access indexed Video and Match Data archives for content creation.
Whether you run a competition match centre or need to give content creators access to stats and video to create engaging content, Stratus Data APIs and Video Streaming are designed to deliver high quality content.
Teams Tracked 1,031
Players Tracked 15,583
Data Points 63,643,053
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