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With a team of highly skilled electronics and software engineers, we develop systems from the ground up, including electronic design, production, firmware development, software and mobile apps, as well as high performance server technologies. We have combined these competencies to build Stratus, our unified team sports analysis platform that combines Video, Match Data, Analysis and Communication technologies to provide an integrated sports platform.

About us

Stratus is committed to taking match analysis beyond the field. It unifies Video, Match Data, Analysis and Communication technology in sport, and in so doing, creates next level features and workflows that are not currently seen in competing systems. Our aim is to drive significant additional value, reduce cost and complexity and lead sport into a new era of connectedness.

Stratus provides fully coded Match Data, extensive analysis tools, and Solutions for Teams, Organizations, Broadcasters, and Fan Engagement, to ensure you’re fully equipped with the insights needed to perform at your absolute best.

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