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Modernise In-Stadium video delivery to Teams, Medics and TMOs, and serve alternate video angles and stats to viewers for second screen experiences.

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In-Stadium Video

Put users in control of their video

The MobiiMedia Broadcast unit delivers adaptive streaming video to users in the stadium, allowing users to seek anywhere in the footage on any device, for decision making.

Medics can flag and review events for Head Impact Analysis, TMOs can seek through video to review TMO calls, and Teams can stream directly into their Stratus Analysis platform, or connect another system to the feeds.

Providing multiple stream options (RTMP, DASH, HLS), users can either view the low latency live feed, or switch to an adaptive stream to seek to any point in the match themselves.



The MobiiMedia Streaming platform accepts RTMP video feeds from the stadium based Broadcast unit, transcodes them into HLS and MPEG-Dash adaptive streaming formats, and makes them available to video endpoints in the Stratus Platform, including competition portals, live review experiences, fan engagement platforms, mobile devices and second screen experiences.


Leveraging cloud-based transcoding, a global Content Delivery Network, Digital Rights Management and Dynamic Packing that supports both HLS and MPEG-Dash adaptive streaming formats, the MobiiMedia Streaming Platform is designed to support consumption of video at scale.
Stratus Every Angle Captured


IT's all about the angles

Capturing 8 HD-SDI feeds per unit, the MobiiMedia Broadcast unit transcodes every feed to multiple resolutions and formats, stores them and streams them to users in the stadium over a fiber connection.


Using adaptive streaming formats (MPEG-DASH and HLS) means that users in the stadium do not need special equipment to view the footage. The streams are compatible with laptops, tablets, and can be streamed over wi-fi to users on the side of the field.


Next-Gen Hardware

With the latest video ingestion and processing hardware, high throughput storage and a built in fiber connection, the MobiiMedia Broadcast unit is designed to process and stream 8 feeds in multiple resolutions reliably to TMOs, Medics and Teams, allowing them to view any moment in the game from any angle without the need to store the footage on their devices.


The online transcoders and streaming platform use the latest cloud-based GPU video transcoding hardware, DRM tools and CDN infrastructure to ensure high-availability streaming at a global scale.
Stratus Match Data Feeds And Indexed Video


MATCH DATA FEEDS And Indexed Video

Ingest Match Data for use in broadcasts or prepare video profiles on teams and players using the indexed video library to extract video clips from archive footage.

The Stratus Media API is built to give your team access to years of match content so that your team can quickly find the data they need to back their broadcast.
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