Deep dive into stats covering years of data and export to third party platforms.


The Stratus Analytics Engine is built on top of the sport-specific standard data model that gives Stratus context and allows it to calculate complex concepts easily, and without loading additional work onto an Analyst's coding workflow. Sport-specific concepts like 'Possessions and Ball-In-Plays' are available without additional coding; locations are stored using coordinates, allowing for advantage line and distance queries; and all metrics are backed by video so that Analysts can trust their Data.

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Find Complex Patterns

Going beyond event counting, Stratus Reporting finds complex sequences amongst all the noise, allowing analysts to create actionable insights.

Without The Formulas

Team Sports is complex. Stratus intuitively links events together within Possession or Ball In Play, doing away with complex formulas and coding. No more scripting.

Leverage The Cloud

Available across the platform, Stratus Reporting really comes into its own in the cloud, allowing Analysts to run queries without having to download years of Match Data.

Configure Once, Run For Years

Leveraging the consistent Stratus Dataset, Analysts can configure metrics once, and have them automatically available, pushed to devices. No coding session setup necessary.

Backed By Video

Trust your metrics. Every metric in Stratus is linked to video, allowing you to evaluate the data.


Either use Stratus Reporting within the Stratus Platform, or export the report data into your existing analysis toolset, saving hours in your current workflow.
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