Allowing Teams to reach Players via their mobile device, making it easier for Analysts.

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Allowing Teams to reach Players via their mobile devices, eliminating both the dependence on laptops and the complex management of multiple devices by Analysts. Keep connected with e-mail or push notifications when users share Playlists with you and keep Coaches and Players from missing out by sharing Playlists with them directly after each match.

No matter if it’s in a one-on-one conversation with a Player or within a group chat; Stratus Sports ensures that you’re able to consistently communicate with your Team, as well as, provide the functionality of embedding Playlists, Full Reports or a single metric into chats, to bring context to video and allow users to dive straight into the detail of a Match.
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Team Communication

Whether it’s a one on one conversation with a player or a group chat, stay in touch with your team.

Integrate Players

Embed playlists into a chat to bring context to a discussion with video.

Integrate Reports

Embed Full Reports or a single metric into a chat to allow users to dive into detail.

Push Notifications

Never miss a message with Push Notifications to the Stratus Insights mobile app.

Pre-Game Preparation

Use the Stratus Collaboration features to equip your team with an environment where they can collaborate on upcoming fixtures, leveraging Playlists and Reports to highlight key issues.
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