Access to thousands of matches. Export Data to your current platform. Turn match intelligence into business intelligence


Stratus is both a Data Vendor and Analysis Tool. This provides flexibility in being able to provide an integrated analysis pipeline where the data model informs the match coding process and the Reports. To do this, Stratus has developed a sport-specific Standard Data Model that understands the rules of the game and is limited to objective data only. Teams can extend on this model with their own custom data model that can hold their subjective and team-specific data.

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Save Time

Reduce time spent match coding by leveraging the comprehensive Stratus Match Data service, with access to thousands of matches.

Dive Into Detail

Stratus Match Data is highly detailed, covering every aspect of the game including player actions, helping you to develop your match intelligence.


Match Code on top of Stratus Match Data to add your own unique insights to the game. Combine the two into a Unified Data Model to deliver key insights.


Export Stratus Data into your analysis tool for a frictionless integration into other workflows.

Build For Team Sport

The sport-specific data model built into Stratus understands team sports; saving Analysts time in match coding, and helping them focus on understanding their team and profiling competitors.
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