Create, customise and share Playlists effortlessly to the mobile app and across the Stratus Platform.


Isolate key points to generate Playlists straight from your Match Video or by selecting any metric from any report to instantly generate a Playlist that you can modify, share and discuss with Analysts, Coaches and Players. Push notifications immediately notify users that a Playlist has been shared with them, and they can stream the video directly from the online streaming platform.

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Isolate Key Points

Generate Playlists straight from Match Video or by selecting any metric from any Report, isolating key points to share and discuss.

Share Instantly

Share Playlists with Analysts, Coaches and Players instantly. With push notifications and video streaming embedded, users can view them and interact right away.

Change Your Angle

Stratus supports multiple camera-angles and resolutions, while allowing new angles to be added long after a Playlist have been created. Analysts can work immediately, and Players and Coaches can use all the video available when they view the Playlist.

Available Anywhere

Stratus Playlists are available online and, on all devices, allowing teams to reach players on their phones, eliminating the dependence on player laptops and the complex management of multiple devices by the Analyst.

Get Notified

Receive an email or push notification when a user shares a Playlist with you. Ensure that coaches and players don’t miss out on the Playlists that they need after a match. Get the groundwork done before the week’s first training session.

Export Clips

Export your Playlists as individual mp4 clips for use in other presentation tools, either from the Analysis Client, or from the Online Platform, saving you time in third party media editors.
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