Stratus Software

The Stratus Platform includes a number of tools to make creating and consuming match data and video content easy.


Choose the tool that suits your workflow.

The Online Portal, Video Analysis Coder and Stratus Insights mobile app are designed to allow you to create and access your content in a way that is convenient for you.

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Live and On-Demand Video
Match Data and Reporting Tools
Clips for compiling archived content for Media
Match Data
File Sharing
Playlist and Collaboration Tools
Stratus Video Coder Software

Stratus Video Coder

Stratus Video Coder is a comprehensive match coding environment that is used to capture detailed information about the match. Teams can customize this environment to mix pre-existing Stratus codes with their own team-specific custom codes, allowing for an enriched dataset for reporting.

The Stratus Video Coder includes a list of Match Reports that Analysts can use to evaluate the game. Every item in these reports are 'clickable' to reveal a Playlist of the events that were coded to generate that metric. This ensures that calculations can be interrogated and trusted, and aids easy Playlist generation.
Stratus Insights Mobile Application

Stratus Insights

The Stratus Insights mobile app allows Coaches, Analysts and Players to stream and review Playlists created on the Stratus Sports Analytics Platform. Push notifications will let you know when new Playlists are available to watch, or navigate to relevant Playlists directly from the dashboard.
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