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Upload and stream all of your video to any device in multiple resolutions.


Video is a critical component when it comes to Sports Analysis, Broadcast, and Fan Engagement. It must be captured in high-quality, stored cost effectively, streamed at scale to millions of users in a protected manner, indexed to Match Data and made available to end-users with varying technologies and speeds of bandwidth, in the way that they want to consume it.

Stratus has scaled its video infrastructure globally; bringing video as close to the end-users as possible, by enabling lightning-fast streaming. The online video processor automatically transcodes your video into adaptive streaming formats to enable a seamless video streaming experience, across multiple devices.

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Built For Streaming

Leveraging Stratus’s online video processors, video is automatically transcoded into adaptive formats to enable a seamless video streaming experience across all devices.

Global Infrastructure

Video must be quick to be useful. Stratus has an extensive global video infrastructure, bringing video as close to the end user as possible, enabling lightning fast streaming.

Competition Video Library

Stratus enables tournaments to distribute video that they have rights to, allowing Analysts to upload and download multiple angles in multiple resolutions.

Keep Everything

The Stratus Platform is designed to store all video footage for recorded or uploaded matches, indefinitely. The benefit of storing Match Video on the same platform as Match Data is that all video is time synced to the Match Data, allowing for playlists to be generated off any video that has been match coded... going back years. Either uploaded from an archive or delivered to the video repository live from the MobiiMedia Streaming Platform, video can be kept indefinitely and aged into archive storage to reduce storage costs for long term storage.
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